Bo Levi Mitchell

Bo Levi Mitchell



It’s 5 o’clock in the morning in Calgary, Alberta. The morning rush of traffic is still hours away, and the roads are nearly empty. Street lamps still light the path ahead and the frigid whips of air circle around the downtown core like billowing smoke stacks. It’s -15 degrees, the field is covered with snow, and it’s time to play football. This this is a regular morning for Bo Levi Mitchell, and he takes none of it for granted.

The Calgary Stampeder’s relentless dedication to himself and his team led the Stampeders to a Grey Cup Victory in 2014, Bo winning the Grey Cup Most Outstanding Player in the process. Making his starting quarterback debut in 2014, Bo flew out of the gate. In July, he tied for the CFL record for most consecutive wins to start a career.

He did not stop there. A few months later, he became the only CFL quarterback in history to win 12 of his 13 starting games. But Bo’s modest and collected character is what shines through even the most noteworthy of achievements. He credits his team for much of his success.

“There is about 12 individual’s doing their job, coming together as one. It’s about trust, it’s about dedication, and it’s about truly believing that the guy next to you has your back,” says Bo.  

Bo grew up in the small city of Katy, Texas. Since he was a kid, Bo had always pushed himself. When he tried out for a youth football team in fourth grade, his outgoing nature put him on the path to where he is today. He proved again and again that his skill and commitment would lead him to a professional football career, the next step was college football. Bo played two seasons with the Eastern Washington Eagles and helped them become the 2010 NCAA champions. 

While his time in Washington meant some adjustments had to be made for playing in a colder climate, Bo say’s Calgary is something completely different. The G-Tech Hand Warmer is what makes all the difference.

“It’s truly a revelation to have something that can actually get your hands warm and back to normal. You feel like you’re playing on a sunny day. There is no other hand warmer like it,” says Bo. “You just can’t get a good grip on the football with cold hands. The G-Tech hand warmer gives the right feel and really lets me sling it.”

Now that Bo considers the G-Tech Hand Warmer as another tool in his arsenal, he has no problem playing in, and defeating the cold. With already passing such significant millstones at the age of 26, we can’t wait see he has in store for us this upcoming season, let alone the rest of his career.

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